Featuring The Best Rooftop Hard Shell Cargo Box

The use of the Rooftop Hardshell cargo box is preferable for the storage of luggage especially in case of long-distance travel. For they provide additional security to the luggage as well as the advantage of providing safety of the packed luggage against humid temperature and external wind pressure on the rooftop of the vehicle.

Considering several advantages of Rooftop hardshell cargo box below mentioned are some of the renowned companies providing quality cargo box:

  • Thule-Interstate Roof Pouch Cargo Box:

The cargo box consists of 16-cubic feet storage capacity. It is made up of double-coated thermoplastic elastomer which ensures the hard shell roof cargo box. The Thule material used for this cargo box is IPX-3 which is test certified by water resistant. The three-sided zippers available in this cargo box features the resistance against the storm flap for weather protection. In addition, the bag consists of the unique feature of the padded base that leads to providing better protection to your stored luggage. Moreover, it enables to protect your smooth vehicle’s finish and as well as the twin compression straps that keep it securely positioned on the rooftop of the vehicle.

  • Horizon-M Cartop Cargo Carrier:

The cargo box has a storage capacity of the 11-cubic foot. The Horizon Cargo Carrier box is made up of the impact resistant ABC material and it provides features with the passenger side opening for the comparatively easy access to the cargo. The carrier additionally consists of the quick release attachment that facilitates installation and removal with greater ease.

  • Yakima-Skybox 16 Carbonite Cargo Roofbox:

The cargo box holds a maximum storage capacity of 16-cubic foot and is made up of up to 80% of the recycled plastic and the box itself holds weights up to the capacity of 47 pounds. The cargo box is exclusively designed with the additional internal lid stiffeners with the increased rigidity. Moreover, this cargo box features the dual side openings that lead to the easier gear access to both sides of the vehicle during unloading of the luggage. Furthermore, the rear of the cargo box is specially tapered that enables the increased trunk and as well to facilitate the hatch clearance of the mirror view.

  • Thule-Sonic XL-Rooftop Cargo Box:

This innovative cargo is exclusively featured with the patented aerodynamic design. Its dual side openings provide the additional access to the gear or the stored luggage to be unloaded from either side of the rooftop of the vehicle. Moreover, its locking system consists of an external lock-assist knob as well as additional build in safety features that do not allow the lock to be removed unless it is tightly locked. Besides the cargo box is made with the angle to help the maximum trunk and hatch clearance. The most important feature of all is that this cargo box holds the capacity to be mounted on both square and round crossbars and most of the factory racks.