Guanidinoacetic acid as a feed supplement for poultry

GAA is used for the synthesis of creatinine or CREA. CREA is used as a source of energy for skeletal muscles as it can potentially recycle ATP. Apart from providing energy it is used as a feed for poultry animals too. It promotes thermal stability which ensures its use in pelleted diet as well. It has great bioavailability and poses good stability too. It can be used as a great supplement for poultry feed or animals. The process of guanidinoacetic acid digestion is much similar to that of amino acids. It is given to the animals so that they stay active and have sufficient energy to work daily. The perfect amount that can be given is 0.4 to 1.2% which can readily create 14 to 20% of creatinine in animals. Other than raising the energy level it is ideal for bone growth and development. GAA is good for reproduction in animals as it tends to improve the quality of semen and promotes fertility as well. The balanced amount of GAA is important to let the chemical work much better and in a safest way possible. Thus it is widely used.