One of the most stunning places on the planet are the Mentawai Islands in Indonesia, and one of the most coveted places by surfers. Surfing Mentawai Islands is on the bucket list of most of the world’s dedicated surfers and some way-out adventurers.

The combination of remote tropical islands, warm clear waters and world class waves make it a dream destination for many surfing adventurers. It is also home to some of the best surf spots in the world.

The islands

The Mentawai Islands are situated off the coast of West Sumatra in Indonesia, in the Northern part of Indonesia, almost in line with Singapore. The islands themselves are situated around 150km off the coast. It is made up of around 70 individual islands – most of which are uninhabited.

The Mentawais are part of Indonesia so the same visa rules apply as if you were surfing in Bali. For most nationalities this is now a free 30-day visa on arrival.

Surf camp

If you’re looking for the most budget-friendly way to explore the Mentawais then a land- based surf camp is the way to go. 

For those who are really on budget camps in places like BengBeng, they offer some pretty affordable package deals (although not that cheap, since this is the Mentawais, after all) with comfortable accommodations and the sea wavesright on your doorstep.


For visitors who want luxury, the Mentawais has some of the most luxurious surf resorts in the world. Spots like Kandui Resort has everything ranging from a swimming pool to nanny services.

If you’re travelling with the family or with a non-surfer, this is also the best way to go. A non-surfer or a family, this is also the best way to go as well.

They are budget friendly, has extra space, and caters for mixed levels of surfer, and certainly great for families. The cons include being tied to the camp boat schedule, and cannot access more remote surf spots.

Surf Charters

For those who want the ultimate surf trip, a Mentawai surf charter is the way to go.  Hit up some of the more remote breaks, wake up with waves just off the boat and be the first to paddle out at dawn in true surfer style.

However, this kind of adventure also comes with hefty price tags covering a wide range of budgets. With charters, you can hit the more remote surf spots, and the first to paddle out each day.

The following are the popular surfing resorts.

Kandui Resort

Located in front of Playgrounds, and good base for those who want a super fun wave right on the doorstep and plenty of world class wave just a short boat ride away. 

This beautiful Mentawais surf resort offers all the luxuries you’d expect from a high-end surf camp – including pool, spa, yoga classes, in house photographer and even a nanny service.

Wave Park Resort

Along with Kandui, this is also one of the more premier surf resorts in the Mentawais, with a small collection of waterfront bungalows hosting up to 12 surfers and their families.

Enjoy gorgeous sunsets from the hammocks amongst the palms, access to 26 world class waves and luxury accommodations. 

Pitstop Hill

This surf camp is situated right in front of Pitstops – with eBay’s just a short walk around the corner. This stunning set of 3 bungalows, sleeping a max of 10 surfers overlooks the break and is set amongst some beautiful grounds.

It’s perfect to book out for a group of buddies and head out to sample some of the best waves in the area.


One of Mentawai’s epic luxury options is Macaroni’s surf resort. It can carry up to 20 surfers in front of one the world’s most fun waves. With in room Wi-Fi, a choice of ocean, pool and lagoon views, bar, restaurant and spa it caters for those wanting some serious comfort alongside their days of surfing.

If you want to stray away from the perfect left in front of your resort, you can jump on one of the boats to sample even more of the best surf breaks the Mentawais has to offer.


With super fun left hander, Alaia is right in front of this luxury surf resort. With a maximum of 10 surfers this another awesome little boutique Mentawai surf resort.

The whole thing is built on the corner of the island too, making it perfect for some incredible sunrises and sunsets – there’s not many spots in the area that can boast that!

As you’d expect from the price tag luxe is the order of the day with in-house WiFi, pool and the rooms are an awesome luxury take on the traditional Indonesia style.

Hollow Tree Resort (aka HTs)

If you’ve been dreaming of an epic Mentawai surf trip during lockdown the chances are you’ve seen some of them on YouTube. HTs is firmly amongst the best Mentawai Surf Resort out there.

With high end accommodation, with some options even including their own beachfront pools, this is certainly one of the more exclusive and luxurious option available in Mentawai.

If your epic accommodation wasn’t enough, Hollow Trees Resort sits right in front of HTs/Lances Right – one of the most consistent, barreling right handers on the planet. An equally epic left hander, an equally epic left hander – is also just around the corner.

Combine that with 10 other world class waves within a quick boat trip and you’ve got the receipt for an absolutely dreamy surf trip to the Mentawai Islands!

The Shadow

When it comes to surfing, local knowledge goes a long way to scoring the best waves. The Shadow owned and operated by local surfers, so you can expect some truly expert and insider knowledge on the breaks from these guys.

The Shadow is actually based on its own private island and it can only take just 16 guests in its tropical paradise. With the label of private, it includes everything you need.